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Singing master classes / KARLOVY VARY

Application 2020

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The International Antonin Dvorak Vocal Centre in Karlovy Vary supports opera and concert art of young vocalists who are often standing at the beginning of their artistic career.

In addition to its main activity – the International Antonin Dvorak Singing Competition in November - the Vocal Centre organizes vocal interpretation seminars every year, usually for one week in winter months. The traditional master class work with significant world-known pedagogues is complemented by cooperation with conductor and by practice with orchestra. At the end of the seminar the public opera concert of chosen participants with Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra is taking place.

In the seminar annually there are taking place more than 20 young singers from many countries of the world:

From the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Island, Russia, Ukraine, China, South Korea, Japan, U.S.A., Mexiko and others.